Well, here we sit at 0-3 with a bunch of questions to “Ponder”

As normal, I attended the home opener, and like most fans expected to see our team break out of the 0-2 slump and whoop up on a team that we should whoop on.  Someone forgot to tell the Browns our thoughts.

So, what went wrong?  In a word, just about everything, but I am going to sum up some of my thoughts for you to digest.

Our QB play started out well, but as usual, Ponder struggled.  When he missed Webb in the endzone, I came to the finality that maybe we do not have the QB of the future.  I had tried to support him, but that was a crucial throw, and he flat out missed it.  If that was his only miscue of the season, I could forgive him, but too many other things combined with that throw have let me to believe we need to look elsewhere.  I can also tell you that elsewhere is not the Cassel chants that were echoing through they dome at times, as I am not sure he is any better.  If he were, he would not be backing up the Vikings.

Along the lines of Ponder looking poor, it is hard to look good when the offensive line is not even attempting to do their job.  I am not sure if players are hurt, not properly coached, missing assignments, or what, but wow.  Talk about a turnstile.  Hold someone for gods sake.  Make an attempt to protect the QB.

As long as we are talking about lines, lets talk about the defensive line.  Just no pressure there at all.  I am starting to believe that we really just do not have that big ass guy in the middle that can eat up blockers and allow others to make plays.  That guy is otherwise known as Phat Pat.  I could play that position (more along the lines of Phat than anything else).

Now, lets move on to Frazier.  I personally do not care that he was penalized on the muffed punt challenge (I will blog about that later) as I HATE instant replay.  I think he should have thrown the flag just so the media could ask him about it after the game, and he could rip the rule.  Isn’t the purpose of instant replay to get the call right?  Than get it right!  More on that later.  At any rate, I think our coaching staff is lacking motivation and originality.  The Cover 2 and run first offense are great thoughts, but they are not what wins games in the NFL anymore.  Time to come up with some new wrinkles.

Right now our the Vikings have done some things right (takeaways) but cannot come away with the W.  In my opinion this boils down to a couple of very simple things.  Getting off the field on third down late in the game, and sustaining offensive drives late in the game.  Really, when you look back at the Chicago and Cleveland loss, if you correct those to simple things, we are 2-1 instead of 0-3.

Next week or Vikings head to London to take on the Steelers.  I will try to blog at some point as we will be there, as well as update my twitter account.  If you wish to follow me in twitter, simply follow leonsenn on twitter.

Skol, and hope to see you in London!