Our Defense is Offensive

If only we had a QB we could be so much better.  If our coaching staff would just do their job we could have a winning record.  Give AP the ball more often and we will start winning more often.

How about this one though?  If our defense could make some stops, we would be a much better team.  At this point that is where I am going to focus my attention, so let me explain my thoughts a bit.

First off, AP is ahead of pace as compared to last year.  Through 5 games this year he has 102 rushes for 483 yards.  This year he is at 96 rushes for 420 yards through the same number of games.  He also have 5 touchdowns this year as compared to 2 last year through the same number games.  Granted, our offense may not be the same as it was last year, but no sense in blaming AP or how the coaches use him.

We are currently 10th in the league in offensive point production with 125 points, or an average of 25 points per game.  I don’t know about you, but I will take that production on average week in and week out.  And remember, that includes the 3 point performance against Carolina.  Take that out and we are averaging 30.5 points per game.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I have complaints about our offense, but a quick glance at the numbers really doesn’t support it.

Now, moving on to the defense.  Here is where I place the blame, and let me tell you why.

1.  We get no push up the middle anymore.  Back in the day when we had the Williams wall, we had players demanding double teams, allowing our linebackers to make plays.  We were able to disrupt the QB, and plug holes.  In the terms of a friend of mine, the Vikings need a Warpig in the middle of our D line, and I am beginning to agree with him.

2.  The play of our linebackers has shown serious drop off in recent years.  I love Greenway, but he needs another player back there to help him out and allow him to make plays.  Erin Henderson is good, but he is certainly not EJ.  After that, we become very weak in the LB corps, and certainly could use some work.

3.  Our secondary should all be fired with the exception of Harrison Smith.  He is the only player who deserves an NFL contract at this point.  Sanford does a better job show boating than making plays.  Josh Robinson may be the most picked on DB in the league, and right fully so.  I will say I still have hope for Cook, though he better turn it around shortly.

So, where do we go from here?  No where but up after the performance against Carolina is the obvious answer.  Allow me offer a slightly different approach.  We know what we have on the roster in our veterans.  Time to audition the young guys.  Get Floyd and Rhodes on the field and see what they can do.  Certainly cannot be worse than what we have seen at this point.

At this point, everyone is auditioning for their job for next season, and to a certain extent, to earn playing time this year.  It is time for our coaching staff to shake things up, and send a message.  Fans want to see this, and fans deserve this.